Video, Audio, Word, PPT, Excel, PDF and any other format that you need to display.
Yes. You can host the event in different time zones.
Yes, you can arrange as many as event you want.
Yes. This platform can be used as an event platform, exhibition platform training platform and any other platform as you deem fit.
You can host or we can help you host.
Use live interaction (video, audio and chat) tools and more.
We shall help you in scheduling and conducting the event successfully and provide to you an exhaustive range of reports to help you analysis the event and follow-up with your prospective clients.
Any device which is connected to internet.
Once we sign the contract, you get a kit from Bluewave Creation that includes the working manual.
Yes, you can within the contract period.
Yes. Please click on this link
Setting up your virtual event is very easy and depends on the scale of your event. The set-up usually takes a few days. However, we recommend you to please consider 2-3 weeks, if all the required documents are ready.
Yes. We host event as small as 50 visitors and 20 exhibition stands and 1 webinar.