About Sportica

Build Business Network from Anywhere & Any Device.

Sportica is a unique platform that brings together many sport's product's manufacturers and retailers from small innovative companies to the big chain outlets. It connects the globe and many professionals all under one roof to do successful and profitable business.

It gives you an opportunity to present your new sports equipment, shoes, fashion and much more.

Ball and Team Sports, Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, Winter sports, Summer Sports, Inline Sports, Bike Sports, Water Sports, Board Sports, Fitness and Wellness, Media and Association, Fun Sports, Field Sports, Fabric and Material Clothing & Fashion and many more.

3 Reason to Visit Sportica

Leading Brands

Whether you look for an established player in the market or a promising start-up – you can expect to see all the leading sport’s essential companies at Sportica.

Effective Business

Sportica is structured according to the product range being offered and its useful guide will help you follow up with the exhibitors during and after the show.

Free Access

Sportica allows you to meet sellers from across the Globe and it’s all free. You just need to register and you can access the exhibition from Anywhere & Any Device.

Ease of Using

The Virtual Platform of Sportica is very easy to use, even a child can access it.